Available Colors

  • Natural/Cream
  • Black
  • Dusty Teal


These Iconic French Market style string bags have been eco-friendly staples around the world for ages. Every self-respecting eco-conscious household should have at least one of these multipurpose bags in their collection. 


  • Zero-waste - Ditch those plastic bags with these 100% cotton reusable string bags.
  • Strong & Durable - These reusable totes expand to hold up to 40 Pounds, much past the weight of a normal grocery bag. (Height approx. 25 1/2", handles approx. 11 1/2" long)
  • Expandable- bag height of approx. 25 1/2" and handles  approx. 11 1/2". These st
  • Lightweight - Easily packed in your pocket, purse or glove box for the farmers market, grocery store, beach, or antique mall.
  • Machine Washable & Safe - These 100% cotton bags are machine washable with cold water and are chemical-free.

French Market Style String Bag-100% Cotton


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