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Started in the Spring of 2019, Greater Goods Marketplace is a brick and mortar store on historic Main Street in Van Buren, Arkansas. With the rising challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, we found it necessary to offer our customers an online shopping option. This also gives our out-of-town customers access to our goods remotely.  We strive to offer you better choices for a better world. We have thoughtfully curated a collection of regionally sourced and handcrafted goods, products that promote greener living,
fair trade, and items made with sustainable or recycled materials. As a women-owned business we also seek out goods and services from other women-owned businesses in an effort to encourage female entrepreneurship, both now and in the future .
By doing these things we help to improve our planet, support our local economy, as well as empower and uplift communities, both locally and globally. Browse our products and purchase today to join our wonderful community of sustainable shoppers. 

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